Why Us

6 Reasons Companies Select Us

Trusted by some of the world’s top companies, Hexagon shapes your company’s future by crafting and executing talent acquisition strategy. With deep insights into local markets and mastered processes we help you acquire workforce of the future that matches the DNA of your dynamic organization with highest operational efficiency.

Talent Acquisition Hub

Hexagon’s Talent Acquisition Hub provides a complete solution for all your recruitment needs. From Recruitment Strategy, Recruitment Process Design, and Recruitment Process Management to Sourcing and on-demand recruiting staff, Hexagon provides scalable and speedy talent acquisition solutions.

ReadyTalent SM

Time-to-hire is one of the key metrics you are focused on as you need to help meet corporate goals. With the large database of active and passive candidates with comprehensive profile including skills proficiency levels, personality traits, preferences, behavioural elements and intelligence ensures highest quality candidates are matched to your requirements for faster hiring.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant”

– Jim Collins, Good to Great

We passionately believe in this statement from Jim Collins, and that is why every process and everything we do is geared to help you acquire talent that helps you achieve your vision

Companies that Trust Us for Their Talent Acquisition

BMC Software
Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank
John Deere
Motorola Mobility
bnp Paribas

3 Point DNA Fit

Whether you are hiring 10 or 10000 employees; we ensure that every candidate matches all 3 DNA elements to deliver one of the highest success ratio in the industry. Hiring the workforce of the future has transformed dramatically. Traditional recruiting does not work and takes a long time to hire the right talent. Hexagon has mastered the art and science of finding the DNA talent for your hires to reduce opportunity cost.

Cultural DNA

We capture core building blocks of the culture of a company as well as the location specific, team-specific, department-specific culture that truly makes up your organization’s DNA.

Position DNA

We capture specific characteristics for each job, such as skills required, proficiency levels, personality traits, measurement criteria, and valuable soft skills to drive success in the role.

Candidate DNA

Intelligence, Skills & abilities, work ethic, loyalty, passion for type of work, aspirations and goals captured through multiple sources.

Specialized Teams

Each position you hire for is unique and your managers time is precious. We deploy specialized teams with geographic and functional focus on technology, finance, customer services, leadership profiles. Members of these specialized teams have deep functional knowledge to hand pick candidates that match your requirements resulting in the highest acceptance ratio.

360° Market Insights

Our national and location specific teams have deep knowledge of market trends in your geography of focus to help you make key decisions to meet your recruitment goals. Proprietary data and multi-dimensional analysis equips you to make data-based decisions to achieve maximum success with high operational efficiency.

RealView Analytics

With Hexagon’s RealView Analytics you have complete visibility into every step of the talent acquisition process with real data – all at your fingertip.