Secrets Revealed: Why You Are Losing Qualified Candidates

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In case of recruitment, content conversion is king.

The importance of ‘candidate experience’, as we know it, cannot be emphasized enough – especially in the modern times, when quality hires are few and far between. A quick look at will tell you why thousands of capable candidates turn away from certain companies and employers. In most cases, the answers can be broadly huddled under the umbrella term – bad candidate experience.

Not long ago, Virgin Media’s ‘Rejected Candidate Survey’ revealed that one-third of the 22,500 candidates switched to a competitor citing ‘poor recruitment experience’ as the primary reason. The loss Virgin suffered was close to £4.4m in revenue. Now that’s huge, isn’t it?

If you’ve been experiencing the loss of qualified candidates, there are five key phases you need to evaluate yourself in (in terms of the experience you are delivering to them).

Before they join

We’ve written about the significance of ‘employer branding’ in our past articles. Your standing in the market, perception amongst outsiders (and insiders) and your company website are perhaps three of the most influential factors that could direct candidates towards you or away from you. Attracting top talent is your priority #1 in this phase and if you are losing out on them at the first step itself, you are probably doing something wrong in one or all of the aforementioned areas.

When they come for the interview

The interview process can either make competent candidates feel great or leave them with a lingering bad taste. Are you brutally honest about your claims and promises? Are the job openings described accurately on the ‘Careers’ section of your website or the ads that you put out? Do you make the interviewee feel at home when they arrive? How good is your interviewing and follow-up process? Answer these questions and there is a good chance you will be able to figure out where you are going wrong.

When they join

We’ve stressed upon the importance of the candidate’s onboarding experience in some of our previous blog articles because our experience of working with large and small-sized businesses tells us it matters. And when they eventually arrive to work on day one, it is essential that the office atmosphere, work culture and the actual job is exactly what you had assured them prior to joining. An unfriendly environment and convoluted job profiles can prove to be seriously detrimental factors at this stage. Here are some great ways to make new hires feel welcome on their first day!

During the tenure

The all-important ‘current employee’ status is something your HR team must spend a lot of time, energy and resources on, since these are the workhorses you want to put your money on. Once you’ve acquired quality talent, retaining them for long periods of time and ensuring their professional and personal well-being is essential. ‘Employee referrals’ is one of the major sourcing channels that contributes to your organization’s human resources. 33% of Indian businesses (across industries) intend to expand their expenditure on this front in order to cut down on external dependency and make the most of the existing employees’ networks.

When they quit

Most Indian companies handle resignations and notice periods poorly. Unless it is a grave offense due to which an employee has been terminated, no reason for quitting the organization should make the employer-employee relationship sour.

It goes without saying that when an individual moves out of your company, you would want them to depart on an amicable note, with nothing but good memories. This is vital in order to maintain the employer’s brand that you have created with a lot of effort. Rarely will you find company reviews that have more ‘pros’ than ‘cons’. Assess yourself on the attrition you have experienced over the last 12 months and how many of those deserters had good things to say about you even after they had left. Letting them know that the doors are still open for them will not only reinstate their faith in you, but also create more chances of referrals coming through them.

Here’s a comprehensive piece on the things job applicants look for in prospective employers and some of the top recruiting trends for 2017.

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