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Top 10 Things Job Applicants In India Look For In Prospective Employers

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In today’s world, business owners in India aren’t the only ones who know exactly what they are looking for during recruitment. Candidates are 100% aware as well, and this is why they are increasingly choosy when on the hunt for a job.Thanks to the Internet, job candidates can swiftly analyze a job listing, receive direct alerts on their smartphones and have more knowledge about what prospective employers are capable of offering for their services. Major companies in India are on a daily basis increasing the standard in terms benefits, office space and company culture in India. Individuals looking for employment always do their homework before they consider submitting an application to an employer. It is imperative that business owners do everything within their power to understand what their prospective employees are looking for. This is because the employees are the most important group in the firm so attracting only top talent is imperative.

Here is a list of the top 10 things employees look for when on a job hunt.

1. Career Development and Potential for Growth

Job candidates in India always want to get involved with companies that offer talent acquisition programs for employees. They want to work with employers who give them an opportunity to grow on a professional and personal level. This is one out of many reasons why companies that offer talent acquisition India have the best talent. All job applicants in India want to serve companies that are willing to invest in their employees without reservations. This motivates candidates and boosts commitment level. When they see that a company offers a potential for growth, they will see and appreciate the long-term goals of an establishment. It gives them a purpose accompanied by vision.


2. Work Environment

Company incentives and job packages are appealing, but most candidates in India are highly concerned about the work environment. This works to determine the level of satisfaction or discomfort of employees within the organization. Does the organization provide a positive, healthy and upbuilding work environment? Does the organization place value on recognition and success? This doesn’t just bring in good candidates, but it also ensures that employees stick around.


3. Organization’s Culture

Job candidates in India are always concerned about the culture of an organization. The culture of a business environment will go a long way in determining whether or not an employee will fit in. As the Indian economy continues to strive after hard times, the job market is improving rapidly and steadily. Businesses are experiencing more turnovers and as such, employees are looking out for greener pasture.

A positive culture will ensure that employees remain satisfied and loyal to their organization. No one is interested in signing on and withdrawing. They are more interested in signing up and staying with a company that promotes flexibility. A supportive culture ensures this.


4. Work-Life Balance

Individuals seeking jobs in India want employers that would allow them to lead a meaningful live Irrespective of their responsibilities to the company. They do not want an employer who overloads them with work through the day and the night. Every employer must seek to develop a balancing act that these organizations must employ to manage employee expectations. Job seekers want employers who recognize that they have responsibilities and relationships outside their workplace.


5. Company’s Values and Vision

Every candidate wants to be part of a company that offers sound praxis and values. This is appealing to job applicants in India. They all want to be part of an organization that has an excellent reputation, not a bad reputation. Candidates want to be part of organizations with clearly defined principles that are not just repeated but trusted. They place full faith in such organizations. They seek value along with personal growth and only a company with a positive reputation can give this to them. They want to join a company that has a vision and mission; an organization that is heading somewhere with goals and potential. When there is no vision, job seekers will not be motivated to apply for a position or accept an offer in that place.


6. Sound Leadership

One valuable and imperative characteristic that gets overlooked often is the attitude of those taking the role of leadership within the organization. Those who instruct, mentor, encourage and advise employees as time passes substantially benefits the role of execution and culture fit of new employees. Candidates are naturally drawn to organizations with employees who carry out sound leadership and they have a potential to thrive under seasoned individuals.


7. Competitive Pay and Compensation

Most job seekers in India take on jobs to care for their financial responsibilities. It is only reasonable that they think about the pay when they want to turn in a job application or accept an offer.

Compensation is one of the most obvious ways companies attract in-demand top talent. Most employed individuals in India have revealed that they turned down new job offers because the compensation of their present jobs was more lucrative. Humans are rational beings, and rational beings make logical choices when it comes to compensations and incentives. This is why most companies use compensations to keep their employees loyal in the long run.


8. Visibility Into Contribution

Employees in India want to be directly tied to all the strategic objectives of the organization. They don’t just want to be controlled by the management, they want to contribute to the overall progress of the company and more importantly wants visibility into “how” they are impacting key outcomes. With the visibility and understanding of individual contribution’s impact, employees from bottom to top are motivated and always feel accomplished.


9. Location

Employees search for new jobs with the location in mind. Some employees do not want to work too far from home as long as the job is in India. Other employees, on the other hand, want to work far from home as long as the offer is legitimate and has lucrative pay. Job seekers want to work for employers who allow them to satisfy their talent.


10. Innovation

According to Benjamin Franklin, “insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting a different result each time.” Job seekers in India don’t want to end up with companies that are not willing to innovate and evolve. Employers do not just need to follow the world trends regarding technology, business relationships and every other thing that has to do with the workplace. They should be willing to welcome innovative ideas from employees.

The Indian labor market is increasingly competitive so companies must work hard if they are to attract the best talent in India. There must be a compelling and flawless recruitment process beyond screening, sourcing and interviewing.

Employers should not be discouraged when looking for top talent in India because like Jim Collins said, “a great vision without equally great people is completely irrelevant.”


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