5 Ways You Can Optimize Social Media for Recruiting!

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Any organization that uses social media as leverage for recruitments knows about LinkedIn and its advantages. However, there’s a world beyond this one social media platform that can help you scout and recruit talented individuals. An average Internet user has over 5 social media accounts, so the possibilities of connectivity are much higher than what they used to be before!

Companies such as Marriott, Sodexo, Dell and Taco Bell have all used Facebook to engage with their audiences; a move that has only helped in paving the way towards quality recruitment. How did they do it and what can you do? Let’s have a look!

Learning from the best; some legendary strategies

So if we were to consider a few names in the list of all the top brands, it’s apparent that these organizations innovated strategies which worked for them perfectly. Through an experimental process, these brands developed strategies which can now be used as blueprints for your own recruitment process. For example, employees at Taco Bell post their selfies on social media, especially Facebook. This portrayal of the relaxed work culture at Taco Bell opened up several recruitment doors for them and attracted millennials who wanted to be a part of a fresh work culture. Dell is another brand that focuses on user engagement. Through their social media pages, Dell displays interactive posts with its employees, thus showing the entire pool of applicants how the company relies on and treasures its work force. A great move on their part and something that is sure to win over prospective employees. Sodexo, with its mobile app, has an integrated career page where prospective applicants can directly interact with the company. By using a mobile app, Sodexo gained an upper hand over its competitors who were all solely reliant on social media recruiting!

Let’s not forget platforms such as Acendify, iCIMS and Glassdoor. Glassdoor can immensely influence potential job candidates. Prospective candidates are more likely to visit a company’s Glassdoor profile in search of reliable employee reviews than they are to visit its corporate website. Focusing on improving your Glassdoor ratings through interaction with current and past employees is a good way to start things off, followed by posting company photos and regular updates to showcase your company’s brand.

Initiating Conversations

A few weeks ago, Will Barnett, recruiting engineer for Facebook, opened a conversation thread on Reddit to interact with the audience. He discussed Facebook’s culture and what it takes for an applicant to nail the interview process. Similarly, Lakme, the beauty product organizations holds live Q&A sessions on Facebook.

When you interact with the social media audience, users get a first-hand experience of your organization and its operations. It helps you to get in trend with the recruitment strategies of the modern era. Your interaction brings references from users, thus helping you to build your own network of prospective applicants. This is also helpful in establishing your social media presence.

Hashtags and Keywords

Although niched, hashtags are a foolproof way of penetrating into recruitment discussions. Since they help you to start a specific conversation, you can use them to cut through the crowd and directly broadcast your requirements. Now proven hashtags require practice, if not research. What worked for one organization, might not work for others. Some hashtags however, are guaranteed to attract an audience. #hiring or #recruitments are always trending on Twitter. Another option and somewhat of a bold move is to build your own hashtag and get it trending. This requires a considerable amount of credibility, as hashtags trend based on the amount of interaction. So build your audience, and then build your hashtags!

Timing your social media posts

Considering how social media is all about engagement, you need to know when to post or start conversations. As established earlier, a number of people dictate your engagement and trending level. Although no concrete rules exist, and the very audience is different, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Scheduling your posts is easier said than done. Unless you have observed an audience pattern and amount of activity, it is advisable not to schedule. But once you do, you can use several third-party applications to schedule. Facebook has an internal scheduling option, while applications like Buffer can manage your scheduling effortlessly!

Make employees participate

As seen during OnePlus’ live event, the company conducted the event with the help of a variety of employees. Starting from Manufacturing to Marketing, employees offered first-hand experience and their thoughts on the product. This helped the organization to create a personalized interaction with the audience due to the relatable and humane vibe of the event.

By encouraging your team to participate and volunteer in discussions, you are portraying your culture through them. Their experience is irrevocably important in attracting prospective clients. By building a social media policy, your employees can share their ideas and thoughts honestly without being afraid of making mistakes. Here are some tips on building a social media policy! Building basic guidelines for your employees, maintaining accountability and establishing online etiquettes are some of the quick tips which can guide you towards a powerful social media presence!

Using social media platforms for recruiting takes considerable planning and insights. You have to strategize every step; you have to fail eventually to understand your audience. By building your social media presence steadily, you are assured of a free flowing communication with quality talent, this helps you in recruiting them. Above all, it gives you a competitive edge in the recruitment race!

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