How Data-Driven Recruitment Helped a Startup Hire 100 Candidates in Less Than 100 Days

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While recruitment is often thought to be a gut-driven business process, I feel it is just the opposite (especially in 2017). The quality of hire, the speed of hire, candidate experience, and several other crucial factors are today considered as the parameters by HR teams to judge their own success rate.

Having worked with a diverse set of clients over the past decade, it has become evident that those who still rely on orthodox methods and use the “gut feeling” approach are bound to fall behind in the competition to hire the best of the available talent in the market. One principal reason for this is that recruiting teams that rely on a data-driven process (merged well together with human intelligence) have a better chance of attracting, hiring and retaining top talent.

In an interesting rendezvous with the top management of a well-funded data analytics startup based in the US, I chanced upon an opportunity that was challenging in a different way – very unlike anything I’ve come across in my professional career. They wanted to hire a data analytics support team that would be based in Pune, India.

Challenges at hand

Why I call this opportunity “challenging” is because:

  • It was a “no-brand” company
  • They wanted the cream of data analytics professionals
  • Their team had no knowledge of the local market
  • There was no internal recruitment team
  • The timelines were shorter than a T20 game!

While the client had consulted other recruitment agencies, they weren’t happy with the kinds of solutions these consultancies were offering. It was obvious that addressing the aforementioned pointers all at once needed a highly custom approach and a responsive team that could deliver performance outcomes within no time.

How we crafted a custom recruitment program

At Hexagon Search, we assessed the circumstances at hand and formed a dedicated team that was assigned to the project – Mission 100. Our solution comprised of a recruitment program tailored to meet the client’s requirements, budget and timelines.

  • Accelerated candidate sourcing
    Given the sense of urgency, my team not only reached out to active candidates (those who were on the lookout for a job at that point of time) but also invested in tapping passive ones. In my experience, a large proportion of passive candidates are willing to discuss potential opportunities and it’s always good to expand the talent pool while conducting a hiring program. This not only gave the client a bigger group to choose from, but also made the sourcing faster.
  • Smart screening
    This brings me to the point I made in the beginning of this article – data-driven hiring. At Hexagon Search, we strongly believe in the power of data and it was only fitting that we were employing this approach towards hiring talent for a data analytics startup! Using recruitment intelligence technology and specific candidate shortlisting criteria, we could easily filter candidates and discover the best-fit people among the applicants in a short span.
  • Improved interview management
    Since the client’s team was preoccupied with setting up their office workspace in Pune, we took the responsibility to schedule and manage the interviews at their new premises.
  • Enhanced offer management
    It was our proprietary RocketHire compensation data source that helped us gauge and present the right compensation for the different roles that we were hiring candidates for. Another data-driven process, this not only helped us offer them what was best for the role, but also in line with what they truly deserved. This, in turn, enabled them to speed up the decision-making process (and dodge counteroffers from their existing employer or other companies).

The results – 100 candidates in 100 days for a “no-name” company

We managed to accomplish the Mission 100 project – effectively recruiting 100 great candidates in a matter of three months for a relatively unknown company. Ramping up the employee headcount in a short time span is no cakewalk, but our custom recruitment program and data-backed decisions facilitated the process and yielded fantastic results.

Have you experienced the power of data-driven recruitment? Get in touch with Hexagon Search to understand how we can help you create, recreate or manage your hiring programs more efficiently.

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