Things to Do When Your Company Career Site Sucks

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Having served the recruitment industry for almost 15 years now, I have been helping clients with various recruitment-related challenges. Being on the recruitment side, people try to present the job opportunities in the best way to the right candidates, but often tend to neglect or totally miss out on a few aspects of the process that may seem unimportant to the recruiters, but are rather important from the candidates’ perspectives. In an attempt to optimize the recruitment  process, I tried getting the feel of what a job-seeker searches and wants when s/he is looking out for a job online or has received an offer from a company.

The first thing people do when they start looking out for jobs or hear about any opportunity at a company is to check the company’s website – the career page, to be more precise. So, I started my journey with checking out the career pages of a number of companies, big and small, to see how they have developed their careers site. I even read a number of blogs to get an idea of what people would like to see on the career pages of various websites. At most of the places, all I could get was that the descriptions for the jobs should be easy to understand, links to career blogs should be provided, social media buttons should be present, and so on.

But there is more that is not talked about or mentioned in these articles.That is when I decided to come up with this article explaining 8 things to do to optimise your career site and turn it into excellent piece of communication for employer branding.

About Your Company

As per Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle”, marketing companies need to start introducing themselves with the “why”. They need to start with telling people why they do what they do, and then explain how and what they do, and then present their products or services. Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle is applicable to the recruitment field too. Why does your organization exist? Why would someone even want to work with your company? This is the basic question a career page needs to answer even without anyone asking it. You can then go on to describe how your company stands out among the others and what exactly it does.

Here is how Apple tells its prospective employees why it does what it does, and why should people work for the company:


The Culture

Wouldn’t you want to give a sneak-peek of the organization to your prospective employees? Knowing how the environment is there in the company, how is the work culture, what activities happen on a day to day or regular basis, and other facts like these surely help make or break up the mind of a candidate who plans to apply for a position at you company.

Seer Interactive has displayed the culture inside the company on its career page in a very decent way wherein they talk about their alumni network, how employees are allowed to come in and leave early or late as per their comfort as long as they are being productive, “We <3 Your Parents” program that celebrates the glory of employees’ parents by sending them gifts on special occasions, how the staffs give back to the society, among many other things.


Employee Perks/Benefits

In the article “Role of employee surveys in building better workplaces”, we have discussed about how the factors over and above the remuneration are at times, the major deciding factors behind an employee switching/accepting/rejecting companies. It is a good idea to show off the perks/benefits your employees receive on your career page for your prospective employees to see and feel good. Ikea, for instance, offers and proudly shares on its site the list of perks employees receive while working for the company – healthcare plans,  employee discounts, travel assistance, and even gender reassignment surgeries form part of the perks received by its employees.


Awards and Recognitions

If your company offers awards and recognitions to its employees for their performances, showing off is not a bad idea overall. It is a great feeling for any employee to receive awards and recognitions from the company s/he  works for, and if your organization is one such company that appreciated its employees for their hard work and dedication, it is a positive factor to pleasantly influence the minds of the prospects. So, why not tell about all these when they are browsing through your career page!

Here is how we celebrated the 11th edition of Annual Awards at Hexagon:


Interview Process

I have noticed that most of the job-seekers are keen to know the interview process of a company when they apply. They want to know how many rounds of interviews are generally conducted, who are the panelists for certain types of job profiles, what is the duration of the interview, etc. But I found out that not much companies have provided this information anywhere on their websites and candidates have to resort to Glassdoor and other similar sites for this information, the availability of which is not guaranteed. Organizations should provide these details right on their career pages for the job-seekers to understand how they go forward with their interview process. See how Wipro has dedicated a whole page to explain its interview process:


Job Openings

What is a career page without the list of jobs available! All the companies that have a career page on their website, have it for the sole purpose of displaying the available vacancies at the company. Of course they serve their purposes, but in what way can this section be optimized, is the question to be pondered upon.

Many websites just have a list of open positions with minor descriptions and the option to apply. The need of the hour is to properly categorize the job openings in terms of departments, seniority, locations, and other filters relevant to the jobs. Hexagon has created a recruiting platform with a 3 Point DNA Fit that analyzes prospects on three DNA elements – Cultural DNA, Position DNA, and Candidate DNA to provide the best suitable hires for the open positions. It helps hire talents faster, in a cost-effective manner.

Have a look at how Forbes categorizes its available job openings on its career site:


Application Tracking

Application tracking is an important trait to be taken care of when deciding on career pages. A proper means of tracking the applicants and responding to their applications can be a great tool for the recruiters, while providing the applicants with the option to keep track of their application status is a greater way of enriching their experiences even before they join your organization. Being associated with a technology-based recruiting firm, I have always put special emphasis on the tracking feature that adds to the efficiency of the hiring process and we have constantly worked in this field to come up with advanced tracking features every time. Hexagon’s recruitment platform, Rocket Hire, makes sure applicants are tracked and communicated with minimum efforts, saving time, and without creating much noise.

Optimized for Google Jobs

Recently, Google has come out with this feature that allows job-seekers to find the list of available openings by a mere search on the giant’s search engine. Google Jobs has been launched in India and it provides recruiters with the option to post their job vacancies for all Google users to access. So when any user searches for a job related keyword, he/she is provided with a list of available openings, sourced from various websites. There is also an option to subscribe wherein the job-seekers get notifications when new job postings are updated. I would strongly endorse the idea of optimizing the career pages to the tune of Google Jobs in order to stay abreast of the latest trends. See how Fiserv has made the best use of Google Jobs to advertise an open position at the organization:

Benefits of Having a Great Career Page

Even though a career page on your company website is meant to attract talents to your organization and to allow them to apply to the available vacancies, the added perks of having an awesome career page cannot be challenged. Here are the benefits a well-built career page could have in the offering for you:

Advantages over competitors
When you have a great career page with all the required information intact, you already have an edge over your competitors. When prospective candidates visit your site and that of your competitor, chances are they will be more attracted to and influenced by your website and company, thus increasing the chances of them applying to the posts, appearing for the interviews, and joining your company if selected.

Contributes to employer branding
Showcasing your awards, recognitions, employee pictures, and benefits obviously adds to the overall employee branding of your company and then people want to get associated with your organization.

Helps boost confidence of the employees even before applying or accepting the job offer
One thing that is sure to happen when you have an awesome career page is that the applicants will have a first-hand experience of the work culture and environment at your organization and would feel at home even before they click the apply button. It is a great way to boost the confidence of the prospective hires before they join the company.

At Hexagon, we are always in search of new and innovative ways of reaching out to potential candidates. I personally, am a staunch advocate of using the latest in technology to come up with great ways of hiring amazing talents. How about you? Are you using the features I have talked about in your career site, or are lagging behind in the race to hire talented personnel?

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