How to Deliver a Remarkable Candidate Experience?

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So, when was the last time you got just the perfect candidate for the job you posted? The hiring ecosphere has seen a wave of transformation in the past decade and a half, with job-seekers and recruiters looking for innovative ways to fulfill their goals. The hiring process is no longer a one-way street, where you post a job and applicants come running to you. Today, the latter has a say, too, and this group is challenging organizations to work harder for acquiring the best of the best. As we’ve mentioned in our eBook titled ‘7 Tips for Reducing Candidate Dropout Rate’, ‘there’s nothing more frustrating than losing a great candidate after a long and involved hiring process and offer.’ In such a scenario, the term ‘candidate experience’ holds a lot of weightage for both parties and it is essential that we dig deeper into the subject. In our eBook, we established the key reasons why candidates possibly back out from an offer. Here they are: The interview process Read More >>

Inefficient Recruiting Process

7 Signs of an Inefficient Recruiting Process

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If you have an insufficient recruiting process, this is something you have to identify immediately. Otherwise, you are going to constantly run into issues where you are unable to attract the highest qualified candidates. You will lose them to the competition and it will either take too long to fill open positions or you will spend too much money in training to get new employees up to speed with the expectations of the job. Various signs will show if you have an inefficient recruiting process. By being aware of these, you can take greater control of the process. Time to Offer Takes Too Long The time to offer a position to a candidate might be taking entirely too long. Candidates, especially when they are being recruited by other companies, don’t want to wait 30 to 60 days for you to make a hiring decision. If you’re going to take a long time, it needs to be disclosed to the candidate immediately so they know that there are reasons for Read More >>

2018’s Hottest Recruiting Trends for Indian Businesses

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In a competitive market driven by technology and innovation, business leaders are persistently on the lookout for the best talent in the market. Over the years, the recruitment industry has undergone the transformation. The old practice of a management-driven approach, which seemed one-sided, has been taken over by a candidate-driven method, putting the spotlight on the candidate. A throwback into the trends we predicted in 2017 Last year focused more on the talent aspect of hiring, wherein companies today are more focused on the quality of hires rather than just filling up open positions. This delves deep into the efficiency and effectiveness of our savvy recruiters and the various parameters upon which overall contribution by the employee is measured. Social media, another factor, is changing the game of recruitment. A few facts state: Over 94% recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit new candidates and 79% of job seekers use social media to find new jobs. KPMG India Partner and Head (People and Change) Nishchae Suri, reckons over 80% of companies Read More >>

millennial in workforce - Mistakes to avoid by Hexagon

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Millennials

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It is no secret that millennials have dismayingly short attention spans, a tendency to jump from one job to another at the drop of a hat, and a general restlessness that symbolizes their generation. But it is equally true that brands and businesses have no hope of moving forward without this cohort. Technologically advanced, socially conscious, and fiercely competitive, millennials have changed the way people looked at ‘jobs’. It is fair to say that they have redefined the norms and we’re loving it! Hiring millennials can be an uphill task today, given the massive competition in the market and their need for work that satisfies their financial, intellectual, and creative needs – all at once. Companies often make a mess of the recruitment process by going the traditional way. Gen Y, as this group is popularly referred to, is not afraid of saying no. My experience suggests these achievers are looking for jobs that fit their priorities, lifestyle, and personality. And while I’m not suggesting giving in to all Read More >>

Recruiting metrics & charts_hexagon

Key Metrics Every Talent Acquisition & HR Team Must Measure

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Acquiring talent is not an easy process. Having been in this market for nearly 20 years, I can say that I have seen a transformative change in the talent acquisition in recent years. To make sure you are on the right track to achieve your hiring goals and acquire top quality talent, a variety of metrics need to be measured by the talent acquisition or the HR team. These teams must take the time to measure key metrics in order to make improvements on an ongoing basis and ensure you are hitting your goals. Having worked with a number of large and small employers, I have seen a wide spectrum of measures used by companies – some not too useful and some very scientific. Understanding what key metrics are measured and what goes into the data is of the utmost importance. Here I share some of the most important metrics I have seen leading companies use and have helped establish for some of the companies I have worked with. Read More >>

Hexagon Search

Top 10 Things Job Applicants In India Look For In Prospective Employers

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In today’s world, business owners in India aren’t the only ones who know exactly what they are looking for during recruitment. Candidates are 100% aware as well, and this is why they are increasingly choosy when on the hunt for a job.Thanks to the Internet, job candidates can swiftly analyze a job listing, receive direct alerts on their smartphones and have more knowledge about what prospective employers are capable of offering for their services. Major companies in India are on a daily basis increasing the standard in terms benefits, office space and company culture in India. Individuals looking for employment always do their homework before they consider submitting an application to an employer. It is imperative that business owners do everything within their power to understand what their prospective employees are looking for. This is because the employees are the most important group in the firm so attracting only top talent is imperative. Here is a list of the top 10 things employees look for when on a job Read More >>