How a Top EHR Software Company Reduced its Time to Hire by 50%

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A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity to meet the co-founder and HR head of a leading Electronic Health Records (EHR) software company that was intensively investing in beefing up its IT back office support team. As is the case with most global corporations and mid-sized businesses, India was the ideal choice for the support team, thanks to the cost-effectiveness factor and the thriving population of young, skilled IT professionals. The EHR software company was hunting for top talent with technical prowess but seemed to have several plaguing issues in its recruitment process – a set of challenges that my team had the responsibility of tackling. A snapshot of the key challenges affecting the client’s hiring process The top concerns plaguing the client’s HR team were three-tiered in nature. Here’s a breakdown of what was leading to an ineffective recruitment lifecycle: Inability to discover talent that was compatible with the company DNA High candidate dropout rates Excessive recruitment costs In industry terms, our priority was to develop Read More >>

How a Global Analytics Software Company Increased Recruiting Yield Ratio by 400%

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How often does it happen that a potential candidate looks fabulous on paper but it is only after a couple of rounds of interviewing that you realize he/she is not the right fit for the job? Very often, if you ask me. With a war for top talent and companies becoming more and more selective about who (and how many people) they want to call for an interview. A global analytics enterprise that was hiring suitable candidates for its IT back office in India recently sought our consultation on how it could create a strategy that would ensure better recruitment outcomes. There were some key challenges that needed to be addressed before devising an all-encompassing plan that would help streamline the hiring process. Challenges on the plate The plaguing inefficiency in terms of weeding out incompatible candidates was the client’s top priority that I had to find a solution to. These ‘unsuitable’ candidates were those who seemed to fit the bill perfectly on their resume, but were not right Read More >>

How a Technology Center of a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company Reduced Candidate Dropout Rate by 70%

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The BFSI sector is an ever-evolving one and has witnessed massive growth in the last two decades across geographies. A lot of international financial services companies have their IT back offices in India, thanks to the several strategic advantages the country offers. With several private players venturing into this space with massive investment capacities, the need for multi-skilled and specialized IT professionals to effectively manage the IT back offices has been on a rapid rise in the industry. This, in turn, has led to not just a paucity of individuals who can fit perfectly into different roles, but also a high candidate dropout rate for many companies; primarily because of the highly competitive market where qualified and experienced IT professionals are high in demand. While a part of this mess could be attributed to the industry trends, a huge contributor to a high dropout rate is recruiters’ unwillingness to rethink orthodox hiring processes. Candidates usually tend to drop out when they find the hiring process tedious, chaotic and ineffective. Read More >>

Recruitment Myths Done MythBuster Style!

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When it comes to the world of recruitment there are a lot of myths and assumptions I have come across. Some will make you laugh, and others will make you cry with despair. The one thing they have in common is that they’re all DEAD WRONG. In this article, I will bust some of the common recruitment myths and set the facts straight. Myth #1: Recruitment agencies  simply scrape resumes from job portals and send it to the client No way!, was the reaction when I first heard of this in my 15 years of recruitment business. There’s more to recruitment than filling the funnel with a high number of resumes. It is not always numbers game when it comes to smart recruiting. Smart recruiting helps you find top quality candidates fast and at the highest efficiency. Busted! At Hexagon, we use 3 pronged smart recruiting approach that includes technical screening, role-fit assessment, and behavioral profiling. Some of the results companies have seen as a result of this approach: Read More >>

5 Things Millennials Want Your Managers to Know

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Here’s something for you to chew upon: 86 million millennials will be in the workplace by 2020, representing a staggering 40% of the total working population! Scott Pitasky, the executive VP and chief partner resource officer at Starbucks, says, “Today’s workforce is more diverse, complex, and challenging than ever before. Over the next decade, businesses may succeed or fail based on how they embrace the millennial generation.” I’m just going to let that sink in for a bit, so you know just what we’re talking about… OK then! Let’s move on. Does it now come as any wonder that organizations – small and large – are making all sorts of strategies to attract new talent from this pool, nurture it, and most importantly, retain their employees? Guess not. But wait… o   91% of millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years. Less than three years! You heard (read) right! Whatever happened to loyalty and commitment? But well, that’s just how the cookie crumbles and if Read More >>

10 Things to Look for In a Recruitment Placement Agency

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As your organization rapidly expands and grows into an indomitable force, you need quality talent to optimize your work rate. While recruitment has become more than numbers and resume game, your internal recruiting team is often hard pressed to streamline the entire recruitment process. You need expertise which can help you to penetrate the small pool of quality talent and emerge out victorious! You need a recruitment placement agency which can guarantee you an upper hand which would otherwise be lost amidst the exhausting process, something to rely on when your internal recruiting team is under pressure! Apart from being versatile at what they do, all the best recruitment placement agencies know what it takes to put you one step ahead of every other organization. So how do you choose the perfect recruitment placement agency amidst several options? Make sure that they fit into these following key factors- Approach It’s of magnanimous importance that you and your recruitment placement agency share the same approach towards hiring quality talent. Your Read More >>

Who is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Best Suited For?

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When it comes to recruiting, the natural first response for organizations is to have an internal HR team. There is nothing wrong with that, however, as organizations grow, there are specific situations where a help from an external agency is needed to meet hiring goals. Here are some of the common situations I have come across where companies may need to look at external experts. You are looking to grow exponentially and need to hire large number of employees fast It is taking a long time to meet your hiring goals and positions stay open for a long time You see a large % of candidates drop out after acceptance of offers Your internal talent acquisition team does not have the bandwidth to handle current requirements or lacks local insights to recruit top talent You are struggling to get high-quality candidates in the recruiting funnel Your resume-to-interview ratio is poor Your hiring managers are spending way too  much time on interviewing and qualifying candidates You don’t have the visibility Read More >>

Learn From the Best; Interview Tips from Famous HR Leaders

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So your resume has landed on the HR desk and looks like you’re going to be finalized for the interview round. Congratulations are in order…but wait, this is just the start. From here on, it’s a going to be a test of grit, wit, and intelligence. You will sit in front of the organization’s HR and they will assess you as they deem fit. Sounds intimidating? Of course, it is! However, there are several factors that can decide the outcome of your interview. As opposed to popular belief, you will be in control of the interview process as well. Not with just your answers, but the way you approach the entire ordeal. Some would say that nailing your interviews comes with time and experience; and while this may be true, a strong head start always helps as well! Things like being in tune with the HR, being affirmative and offering solutions rather than objections are global tips that everyone knows. So how can you help yourself to be a Read More >>

Biggest Lessons Learned In Talent Acquisition from Top Brands

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The market belongs to the millennials, and they are smart! With phrases like- “We don’t want to work for the next billionaire, we need something more personal” and “There’s no life in this organization”, it’s pretty evident that recruitments and more importantly, the ways of recruitment need to be changed. With the top brands in this world relying on smart and on-point branding, your organization needs to adapt to the changing time if you are to recruit the very best. Undoubtedly, your applicants will be drawn towards your organization if the entirety of working for you seems to be lucrative. However, with a number of alternatives, you need an unparalleled identity, something which you know will make the talent arrive and stay! Now you can do the finger crossing and guesswork all you want, you can employ strategic methods to gain an advantage, but unless you know what surely works and what doesn’t, you’re wasting your time and effort. To avoid that, let’s have a look at what strategies Read More >>

5 Ways You Can Optimize Social Media for Recruiting!

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Any organization that uses social media as leverage for recruitments knows about LinkedIn and its advantages. However, there’s a world beyond this one social media platform that can help you scout and recruit talented individuals. An average Internet user has over 5 social media accounts, so the possibilities of connectivity are much higher than what they used to be before! Companies such as Marriott, Sodexo, Dell and Taco Bell have all used Facebook to engage with their audiences; a move that has only helped in paving the way towards quality recruitment. How did they do it and what can you do? Let’s have a look! Learning from the best; some legendary strategies So if we were to consider a few names in the list of all the top brands, it’s apparent that these organizations innovated strategies which worked for them perfectly. Through an experimental process, these brands developed strategies which can now be used as blueprints for your own recruitment process. For example, employees at Taco Bell post their Read More >>