51 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Recruitment Ninjas – Part I

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When we talk about scaling up the recruitment process and providing efficient means of hiring great talents, the mention of technology is inevitable. Technology has allowed recruiters to greatly optimize the whole process of sourcing, interviewing, and managing the right candidates and filling-up the open positions in less time.

In our previous article, “Technology in Recruitment: The Past, Present, and Future: Where do you stand”, we have discussed how technology has helped the recruiters and job-seekers get over the traditional job portals by leveraging the power of technology to carry out the same tasks proficiently. In this section, let’s talk about some of the Chrome extensions that are helpful for the recruiters at various stages of the recruitment process and are absolutely “must-haves” if they are looking to hire.

Hello Talent

This highly effective Chrome extension allows recruiters to add candidates to their talent pools from anywhere on the internet. Just click the Hello Talent button whenever you find someone worth considering for a position, and the extension will import their information in your database. You can further keep adding tags, comments, ratings, and other information with time.


Nowadays, the percentage of people with access to internet but not active on social media is very less. Social media has an amazing pool of talent hidden behind your direct and indirect connections. How about an extension that manages all your social media accounts from one point and allows you to engage with prospective hires at various stages of recruitment in addition to promoting your brand? Buffer does the exact same for your organization.


Discovery is of great help when it comes to sourcing candidates by referrals, which are, by date, one of the best sources of hiring. The extension shows the point of mutual contact between a recruiter and the probable candidate, and reaching out becomes easier than ever.


A number of times it happens that you come across the profile of a candidate that looks like a great match for the position you are hiring for, but the contact details of the person are not available. Hunter comes to the rescue here, it sources a list of people with basic details like names, email addresses, job titles, etc., each result scored according to its likely accuracy.

Mighty Sourcer

This free Chrome extension allows recruiters to identify apt candidates on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub and get their basic info that includes their education, professional details, skills, contact info, etc. The hiring managers can then directly contact the prospects with the help of customized messages. A lot of time is saved by the help of Mighty Sourcer extension.

Accompany for Gmail

Accompany for Gmail is one such extension for Google Chrome that provides info-rich profiles for everyone in your mailbox. You just need to hover over anyone’s name and you can see their place of work, job title, profile, short history of their career, etc. It is a perfect extension for recruiters who can check a brief profile of any candidate right from their mailbox, in just a glance. Furthermore, they can also make notes, reminder, and comments regarding the candidates.


Other than just sourcing contact details, Hiretual creates smart Boolean-string based job titles and descriptions to search across a number of platforms. A great feature of Hiretual is its profile analytics feature that makes life easier for recruiters by showing the candidates’ seniority, ranking, availability, and salary details.


Helpful across all the stages of recruitment, Streak includes a CRM to manage interactions with the candidates at any point in the hiring journey, be it sourcing, interviewing, or management. The CRM works seamlessly from your Gmail, without the need of switching back and forth between them.

360 Social

This free extension for Chrome lets recruiters check a candidate’s social media profiles, pictures, skills, employment details, contact details, etc., all in real-time and with utmost accuracy. It shows the social footprints of any contact, right inside your browser; a great tool for sourcing and interviewing prospects.


Lusha proves to be one of the most valuable Chrome extensions for hiring managers looking out for talents via social media. It scans the profile page you are visiting to provide the latest and most accurate contact details of the person, keeping data regulation laws in accordance.

Find That Lead

Want to find the email ID of a candidate you find suitable for a position at your organization? Find That Lead’s Chrome extension helps you with that and lets you find the emails of prospective candidates directly from their LinkedIn profiles.


Throughout the hiring journey of a candidate and even later, recruiters need to make notes of certain points related to their skills and performances in order to manage them efficiently. LinkedBack Chrome extension allows the hiring managers to add notes/tags to any LinkedIn profile and save its latest version for future references.


Have a potential lead on LinkedIn, but don’t have the contact details? Badga’s Chrome extension uses a combination of algorithms and scrapes the web to present verified personal and professional email IDs from the name and company of the lead. The scraping process happens from the web, not from a database, so even if the process may be slow at times, the information is always updated.


TalentSnap perfectly showcases how technology can be used to the best effects in terms of hiring. It makes use of machine learning and predictive analysis to tell recruiters how relevant a profile is to the open position. Recruiters just need to fill in the desired role, skills, seniority, and location for the vacancy and TalentSnap will check the LinkedIn profile for a Fit score employing an advanced skill matching algorithm. It can then help with contacting the prospects.

Instant Data Scraper

This Chrome extension offers a simple to use, yet smart method of scraping data from websites. Just a click is enough to scrape data from any web page. It uses Artificial Intelligence to determine the most relevant data on the page and also allows alternative selections. Recruiters can make use of the Instant Data Scraper’s Chrome extension to get a list of candidates from certain sites, and import the list to Excel sheets or CSV files.

People Finder

People Finder Chrome extension functions in the same way it sounds like! Recruiters just need to search for any keyword like name, job title, company, or location, and People Finder shows the results from a huge database of millions of working professionals. The resultant list can also be imported to Excel sheets or CSVs.

These Chrome extensions have really eased the pressure off the modern-day recruiters and helped them attain their hiring goals more efficiently. How many of these have you tried? The list goes on; and we will be back soon with the 2nd part of “51 Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Recruitment Ninjas”, subscribe to be notified when it goes live. Till then, keep checking our blog section for other such informative articles.

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